I likes me the Pi!

A couple of years ago I purchased a little Raspberry Pi computer with the intention of setting up some simple network based storage for our household network.  I got it running, added Samba, and then kind of forgot about it.  It wound up unplugged in a drawer when I needed to reclaim my external drive for another project.  As some of you know, I managed to hurt myself in early November and spent some time recently sitting on my recliner as the back healed.

Enter the Pi.  I had acquired another external drive and wanted to put our music up on the network again along with the eBooks.  It went downhill from there.  Right now the Pi is running my domain (and this blog), VSFTPD, Apache, Samba, Calibre (eBook) Server, and heaven knows what else.  That’s not bad for a $40 computer that’s not much bigger than an Altoids case.

I also found out that it will run CUPs and act as a server for our HP CP-1215 which for those of you who don’t know, is a cheap HP Color Laserjet.  The problem with this model was that, while it worked nicely on the attached computer,  you couldn’t effectively share it on a windows network. It just wouldn’t work. Well now it does.

That’s my next project. I’m going to get another Pi, set it up for wireless access and as a dedicated print-server.  No more leash for the LaserJet!

I’ll share details and costs when I get the project off the ground.


Echo4Golf Clear!

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