An open letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I’m a supporter. I voted for you twice and would do so again were it possible. I have watch through eight years of an obstructionist Congress making every one of your choices, good or bad, a huge battle. I have seen men and women on both sides of the aisle, men and women that I should be able to respect, act as spoiled little children, as traitors to our nation in the name of … well whatever it was in the name of. I understand at least some of the challenges that you have faced.

Having said that, I have a question for you:

With all due respect, sir, words are great, but what are you / we going to do about this?

In fact, I ask this question of our Government as a whole. Senators, Congress-people, appointed Cabinet Members, policy-makers all: what are we going to do about these fundamentalist fruitcakes who choose to commit suicide by cop in order to make one anti-other statement or another. If it’s not radical “Muslims,” it’s so-called Christians. Or radical-this or fundamentalist-that. Where is the plan to root out the causes of these evil acts performed by evil people?

Such actions are all grounded in fear and hatred and they are a much more significant issue on a national and international scale than any other. They have got to be stopped. Again, I ask: where is the coherent plan from our government? From the people? From *any* of the candidates for any office?

We all know, or at least we should, that America has some very hard decisions to make, even before the election. This especially given the nature of the two front-running candidates, neither of whom is acceptable to me or to many-many other Americans. The time has come for leadership and not finger pointing. The time has come to put away the political bullshit and start being Americans rather than “liberals,” “conservatives,” straight, gay, religious, atheist, or any of the many other things that divide us as a people.


Our leadership should be ashamed of their example, as should those striving for higher positions within that leadership.

We, as Americans, should be ashamed for tolerating such obstreperousness in our leaders. They are supposed to be of us, not a separate ruling class. For shame America, for worrying more about how much each of us can have, rather than making sure of the supply for generations to come, and sharing our bounties with the world. For shame for our greed, our hatred, our ignorance, and for our baseless fears. For shame for our need to watch our brothers and sisters more closely that we watch ourselves.

For shame.

There will be a reckoning in November, but that may well be too late. The time to start leading is long past. I call on all those in positions of leadership to accept the responsibilities to which they aspired, or leave. It’s that simple: either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

Further, I call on all Americans to come together and put an end to this “silly-season” before it’s too late and our great nation is no more. I call on all Americans to exercise discretion and tolerance before acting, and to engage their brains before running their mouths. We must help those who need help, and do away with the issues that allow these fundamentalist freaks to control us.

America was once a great nation. There is no question of that, unless we look at the past through rose-colored, revisionist lenses. But we are no longer. Although we may be the only cold-war “super-power” left standing, we have failed ourselves, our children and the rest of the world. It’s time to clean up our act and take our place among the greats again. Starting now!

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