An Open Letter to President-elect Donald Trump

Mr. Trump,

Well, sir, here’s your opportunity.

The “whiny millennials,” who are legitimately frightened for themselves, their families, and the friends in their extended families are calling for leadership with their protests. Now, you probably know this already, but it’s not just millennials that you’re hearing from right now, it’s Americans from all over the country. You’re their President-elect and they are exercising their First Amendment rights, calling for legitimate redress of issues and clarification of certain “promises” made, which you have brought to the fore-front with your “campaign.”

Keep ignoring them at your own peril. Perhaps you might consider, though, the demonstration of some leadership by reaching out and addressing the legitimate issues they are raising.

Of course, this legitimate expression of fears and grievances doesn’t excuse the law-breaking and violence by any means. But there’s also no excuse for the cowardly unsigned notes, threats or violence against “other” members of our society, American or not that would appear are being perpetrated by your followers. Perhaps you might want to address those issues as well?

The silence of the current White House on the violence is appalling, and I don’t understand it, especially given President Obama’s stance on other civil disturbances that have occurred during his administration. On the other hand, you seem to have such a low opinion of the man that I’m sure you have plans for these occurrences.

The silence of HRC on the subject is disturbing as well but it’s really not her problem, is it? She is, I’m sure, recovering her health and preparing her defense for when you try and send her to jail. How you plan to achieve that when there’s already been so much public money spent unsuccessfully on doing just that I’m not sure. But I digress.  I’m pretty sure she sees the protesters as your problem as well. I can’t say as I blame her given your systemic marginalization and the lies about her told to an adoring audiencefor your entire “campaign.” Oh, she also has the names and number of a lot of people who answer the phone when she calls. But I’m sure you know that too.

It might help if people on both sides would look past glasses colored by privilege or institutionalized victimhood. What would really help, though, is if we could stop threatening families of those differing in race, color, creed, orientation, and anything else. That applies to both sides of the aisle. The American Family, regardless of composition is the very basic unit or our society and as such deserves much more respect than it gets. You might want to think about that too.

So, how about it Mr. President-elect? I realize that you’re in something of a bind because you seem to be lacking the moral authority with which to act at this point. But it’s still the job. You won the election and you’re the President-elect of all us Americans. Now’s your chance. Let’s see some effective leadership. Let’s see you make American great again starting today.

PS I met one of your supporters yesterday. You’ll be happy to know that he is elated, can repeat your talking points by rote, ad nauseum, and has given you a year before he withdraws from society or whatever it is he’s going to do should you fail of your promises. With supporters like that, you can’t help but win. Better get on it.


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