New Project….

As most of you know, the kids are growing up. Lily is 18 now and is taking her drivers’ license test very soon. She’s also working a bunch and that’s problematic as her mother and I are working a bunch as well. Usually in a different direction at different times. (Sunday, she was in at 05:30… AM.) So, what we’re going to do is have her drive Mary’s van. Mary’s going to drive my Journey and that’s going to leave me driving the Corvette as a daily driver for a bit.

Now, for those of you playing at home, I’ve been really iffy about the ‘Vette. It’s not that I don’t like it. And I get it-it’s just a car. But it means a lot to me. With the job situation, though, I’ve been very close to selling it. In fact, I had it on the market when Mary’s van died in September. At that point, I pretty much had to drive it, even without the right turn signal, which broke some time ago.

Because of the job situation a lot of maintenance on all of the vehicles has been deferred. That’s meant several thousand dollars to the other cars in the last couple of months. That includes a transmission rebuild for Mary’s van. Brakes all around, The odd water pump. And tires, lots of tires… On the market or not, the ‘vette’s has been at the bottom of the list. So it’s my new project. Right now it’s at the garage getting the turn signal (that broke summer before last) fixed. I thought about doing it myself, even though I’ve never pulled a steering wheel, but airbags. No thanks. I can’t do the tires either. (Yes, it too needs tires.)

But other things, like the weather seals, audio system repairs, rebuilding door mechanisms, yep, I’m in. I can do them for a fraction of what the local mechanics would charge. That’s important right now and it’s my new project.  

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