Evil Black Rifle: Sweetheart, I’m afraid it might be a Marine thing.

Mary (SWMBO): “why on earth do you need a bayonet?”

Me: Ummmm.

This coversation, which started with: “guess what I bought?” happened this weekend.  It’s a long story but the short version is that I’m excited! I took some birthday money and bought one of these:



OK, it’s a cheap imported look-alike, but I don’t really envision having to use it. At least I hope not.  In any case I picked it up today and it’s pretty hefty.  In fact, it’s huge! I’ll have to give it a closer look but I’m not unhappy.

So, I’ve got an Palmetto State M-4gery with a 16 inch barrel.  For those of you who don’t speak black rifle, it’s a civilian version of the M-4 carbine version of the AR-15 / M-16 platform. The M-4 actually has a 14″ barrel, I believe, but to make this one legal for sale, it’s got a 16″ one.  Mine also has the m-4 style telescoping stock.  I’m not sure whether I like the stock or not and the barrel is OK, I guess. I would have preferred a full sized AR-15 with the20″ barrel and regular stock but this one was considerably less expensive.  An issue with the civilian M-4gery is that despite the bayonet lug, you can’t actually mount a bayonet correctly on one. The m-9 bayonet has a hole on one side of the guard that’s supposed to slide over the flash supressor of an AR and stabilize the knife.  On the civilian version of the rifle the guard winds up on the barrel rather than the suppressor and this leaves maybe 1/16″ of an inch for the bayonet to wobble.  A couple of companies have come up with solutions including bolt-on bayonet lugs, and barrel sleeves that slide on just behind the flash supressor but I like neither of those solutions.

Enter “Triple-R” products and their AR15 BAYONET ADAPTER. I’ll have to see whether I like it on the rifle, but it puts the whole knife where it belongs, and might even resolve the stability issues. I’ll post a review once I try it out.



Echo4Golf clear.

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