Shaving with a Rolls Razor

Note: The author is posting this one early. It still needs edited (and most likely proof-read) but there seem to be some first Rolls shaves coming up and the author hopes this will help! In past articles we have hunted for a Rolls, refurbished it, sharpened the blade until it’s perfect, and now you’re ready […]

A Veritable Plethora of Rolls Razor Related Links

A list of Rolls Razor related links on the web. Wikipedia article: Badger and Blade Links: The Rolls user group:*-Rolls-Razor-Shavers-(SOARRS) ShaveWIKI article: Dating your Rolls: Mjclark’s tread discussing how to use lapping film: Straight Razor Place article on restoring a broken hone: (This is high on your author’s to-try list!) The Shave […]