An Open Letter to President-elect Donald Trump

Mr. Trump, Well, sir, here’s your opportunity. The “whiny millennials,” who are legitimately frightened for themselves, their families, and the friends in their extended families are calling for leadership with their protests. Now, you probably know this already, but it’s not just millennials that you’re hearing from right now, it’s Americans from all over the […]


I am not who I want to be is better I am so many things bad and good but mostly just me so many thoughts right and wrong so many impulses (un)controlled cowardly weak afraid liberal conservative conservative liberal privaliged token I am (not) alone in a world filled with hate and discontent

So many projects, so little time…

Just that. I hope this post finds everyone well. I just realized that I have three posts started, another two in the planning stages, and several other projects happening at once. When did this happen? Stay tuned for more on the Raspberry Pi changeover, a potential Minecraft server for my son, shaving related posts and, […]